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Hottest day, ever.

sunny 46 °C

Spent today in Sydney, coinciding with it's hottest day ever on record. Got to catch up with Kavi Nandha and meet his parents. Was a pretty good day, and took some pictures of landmarks to show people overseas. I'm all set for lift off tomorrow! Not too sure how ill handle the near 48 degree change in temperature in just 48 hours though. large_DSC00436.jpg

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1st Leg

Nambucca Heads to Newcastle

semi-overcast 32 °C

Finally packed everything last night with some help from Gaby and Mum. Not taking too much crap! Got everything into my big hiking bag, plenty of warm clothes etc.
Took the train to Newcastle on tuesday to see the college friends, sell textbooks and pick up flight tickets. It's a 5 Hour train ride, but I splashed out and went 1st class (ended up with a sleeper cabin to myself ).

Tuesday I picked up copies of my ticket and student card. Tuesday night I caught up with people who were still staying on college...or just hanging about in Newcastle. Definitely missing a few people from this photo who I saw, including...David Uka... Liam Carver...who were probably at the gym.
Was good seeing a few familiar faces before I leave.

Wednesday I organised my travel currency card and bought a nice new jacket, its a down insulated one thats waterproof which should keep me toasty. I also picked up my nice new carry on luggage courtesy of my Auntie Helen & Uncle Dan, definitely going to be a smart looking student if nothing else.

Wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday morning I am spending with family before I leave.

Really looking forward to arriving in Amsterdam, not so much the flight there! Apparently the canals should be frozen over and I can try my hand (foot?) at ice skating on them! If I'm not too tired that is.

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sunny 27 °C

With under a fortnight to go I have finally begun getting organised. Tonight I spent some time filling out paper work for travel scholarships etc. Finally have a bit of a plan as to travelling to Newcastle to see friends from uni as well as to pick up plane tickets. From Newcastle I'll be heading to Sydney to see family before I leave.

I've been taking photos of where I live before I go, so that I can show people what my home is like. Trying to get pictures of the beach and wildlife mainly, as well as collecting nice photos of friends and family to show people and for nostalgia!

As far as organisation goes im getting there one step at a time. Trying to tick off a few things each night after work. Each thing I tick off the list helps me to relax a little bit more but it is exciting to not have a strict plan to follow.

I depart from Sydney to Amsterdam on the 19th of January, going via Kuala Lumpur. I leave here at 15:40 in the arvo, and arrive around 0700 in amsterdam where my friend Chris will pick me up. I've got a few days respite before a trip skiing in Les Deux Alpes, France.

I'm really looking forward to the trip, especially skiing, now that everything has fallen into place nicely.

I will endeavour to make sure that I regularly update this blog and post lots of photos.


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